Electrosmog is…dirty environmental pollution that stems from man-made frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum. This includes anything from radar waves to the kitchen toaster. Many of these unnatural frequencies have already been shown to be toxic to the human body as well as other forms of life on earth.



It is rare to see someone in modern society without a cell phone or a microwave oven. We’ve entered the age of rapidly proliferating Wi-Fi and “Blue Tooth.” Disturbingly, these ultra-high frequency forms of radiation have proven to be harmful to humas (Pathophysiology, August 2009). And the rate of proliferation of new, wireless technologies is accelerating in a nearly unrestricted fashion.

In the last 150 years electricity was commercialized and commoditized. It was an essential for “progress.” What fire was to ancient civilization, electricity was to modern civilization. How could a “skyscraper” exist without electricity for lights and elevators? Now, with the expansion of wireless communications, radio waves, microwaves, and satellite signals, it appears that electricity is being replaced by radiant energy in the electromagnetic spectrum as the new, most distinguishing essential for progress. I can do banking from my iPod touch any time of the day or night.

But these new modern conveniences have come at an unseen price. We have no clue what we are doing to our biology by inundating the Earth with a halo of unnatural, high frequency energy fields. At worst, these frequencies are harmful to living organisms. At best, they interfere with the low frequency electromagnetic fields of nature. Only recently we’ve observed that birds’ migratory patterns have changed, and bees get lost. As we continue to fill our atmosphere with more and more frequencies, every creature that navigates by the Earth’s magnetic field will, inevitably, show similar disorientation.

What Nakagawa discovered in Japan may well be a function of the man-made electrosmog surrounding our planet. We are getting sicker and sicker and it may relate as much or more to the unseen non-biological frequencies our bodies are swimming in as the diminishing quality of our air, food, and discretionary time.

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An iMRS in Every Home

To summarize, living organisms need electromagnetism to survive and thrive. Our whole body exposure to the naturally occurring intensities of electromagnetic energy supplied within our atmosphere been severely interfered with by man-made frequencies, by architecture, and by the modern workplace. Because of our insufficient whole-body exposure to natural electromagnetic frequencies our health has suffered and is in decline.

ALL OF US would benefit from daily supplemental exposure to health-producing magnetic fields tuned to the biological windows of health.Such fields are accessible through daily use of the iMRS!

Since the iMRS supplies magnetic resonance stimulation with a high degree of precision, strength and timing, it enables maximum cellular health. Daily use of the iMRS represents the best first line of defense against magnetic field deficiency, and the most strategic offense in our pursuit of wellness, vitality, pain-free living, and long, active, productive lives.


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