Protect yourself from the harmful effects of EMF from tele- communications radio frequency (RF) fields during sleep & beyond.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, your sleep is not as deep and recuperative as it used to be nor is it as deep as you need it to be. The simple reason is the telecommunications field we live within now.

It has been known or rumored for decades that we sleep better camping than we do in our own beds.

The simple reason for this being you are sleeping (further) off the grid, on the fringe of the Matrix, sleeping in touch with the ground,… in “touch” with mother Earth’s resonating magnetic field.

This is not “earthing” but has effect of earthing on steroids!

For decades we slept poorly due to electric fields in the bedroom. However, since the proliferation of wireless telecommunication in mid 1990’s, the human genome has reached its tipping point. Sleep and health is failing in all age categories world-wide.

Just in the last 15 years, autism incidence is up 30-50x’s and cancer is up 10x’s! During the same 15 years the average person sleeps soundly 2 hours LESS per night or worse.

Lack of sleep slowly kills the body with impact on immune function, recovery, memory, performance, psychological well-being, heart health & obesity.

EarthPulse™ has helped thousands of people Sleep Their Way to Better Health.

When sleep is deeper it becomes more reparative and we all need nightly repair or our body breaks down and ages prematurely.

You can truly double your lifespan simply be sleeping better on EarthPulse technology.