Why EarthPulse ‘Sleep on Command’
Enhances Sleep

Entrainment by naturally occurring magnetic fields used to keep us relaxed during the day and sleeping well and repairing fully at night before the proliferation of wireless radiofrequency (RF) telecommunications fields effectively neutralized the benefit we derived from these very-very weak, very-very low-frequency naturally occurring magnetic fields. Particularly at night as we slept close to the ground the way Mother Nature intended.

Now, instead of nature keeping our neurological systems ‘tuned’ toward relaxation, the RF electromagnetic pollution is tuning our systems away from relaxation and good sleep, toward anxiety and stress; most people unfortunately find it next-to-impossible to sleep well.

EarthPulse will eliminate the effects this RF electro pollution has on your body and brain, restoring your ability to sleep well by providing the same natural frequencies provided us by Mother-Nature for eons.

During the last decade Sleep on Command has proven to be the most effective natural sleep remedy in the world. In the morning the system shifts to ALERT-MODE to even help you wake!

Modernly, however we sleep on concrete foundations, on second floors or worse, high in the sky. The naturally occurring magnetic fields have become hidden behind an insidious and propagating man-made wireless telecommunications field of high frequency. The further you live from the ground, the more telecommunications fields you are exposed to.

This is the reason we sleep well on camping trips. When camping you sleep in contact with the ground as nature intended. Not necessarily ‘grounded’ as Earthing/Grounding systems will have you believe, but lying close to the ground where you are exposed to these naturally pulsating geomagnetic signals emitted by Earth’s core. These are not Schumann waves circulating in the ionosphere that have more effect on the body when standing upright, but pulsating for eon’s at one particular frequency triggering our sleep and repair when ever we came in contact with it lying horizontally.

High frequency magnetic fields are cumulatively stressing the mind, body and spirit, breaking us down and making it nearly impossible to sleep well (or repair fully) at night.

If you work on a laptop with wireless cards engaged, you rest your palms and pulse points directly in contact with the wireless cards. You are wreaking havoc on body’s blood, cellular and neurological systems. If you experience muscle twitching or heart palpitations at your computer while in wireless mode, you need hard-wire!