Cosmetic Ultrasound for Home Use

The SkinDream® TITANIUM is the successful culmination of experience in the field of cosmetic ultrasound made available for home use. The synergy of high-tech electronics and precious materials for a unique sonic head makes SkinDream® TITANIUM the world’s most effective home-use cosmetic ultrasound system. Great importance was also given to easy and safe use and an appealing, ergonomic design.

The handset has a modern LCD display that shows all information at a glance. Single-button operation makes it incredibly clear and easy to set all functions.
A high-performance, rechargeable lithium-ion battery is integrated into the handset, and can be charged from the supplied base station. It also comes with a fashionable carry case for secure, comfortable transporting and a tube of Ultrasonic Gel

Ultrasound has been used as a safe diagnostic tool in the field of medicine for quite some time. Particular in Orthopaedics ultrasound is being used for therapy, such as treating muscle spasms. During this therapy it was discovered that the skin in the area being treated improved and the difference could be seen and felt. This interesting discovery prompted the development of cosmetic ultrasound devices.

SkinDream® TITANIUM is the result of a composition of optimally effective parameters combined with a safe and easy application for home use. The shapely, smooth design allows for an ergonomic application. The integrated lithium-ion battery as well as the compact induction charger allow for cordless use. The new, revolutionary Titanium sonic head transfers the sound waves of the SkinDream® TITANIUM even more effective to the skin and therefore results are being increased. The new illuminated digital display indicates the charge of the battery, duration of treatment time as well as the intensity.

What is Ultrasound in Cosmetics

The first cosmetic uses of ultrasound followed after some interesting results were obtained in physical medicine. Patients were surprised when they saw that the skin in the areas that were treated with ultrasound (e.g. for muscle relaxation) had visibly improved.

The skin was tighter and more elastic, and impurities had disappeared. When one considers the fundamental action of ultrasound frequencies, however, these observations make absolute sense.

Subsequently, people started experimenting with various frequencies within the ultrasound spectrum and different specific doses. The first ultrasound device for cosmetic use was presented in Germany in 1989.

Once the perfect combination of controlled penetration depth, optimal intensity and simple and safe use with no side-effects was found, home-use cosmetic ultrasound treatment was born.

It was now possible to produce compact devices for daily home use.

In 2003, MediConsult developed the first “SkinDream”, which immediately met with wide acceptance in cosmetics businesses and, above all, in homes. The SkinDream® TITANIUM was presented to the world in 2009.

The first, and so far only, cosmetic ultrasound system for home use that features its own hand-made titanium sonic head.

Effective Actions of Cosmetic Ultrasound on and in the Skin.

  • Thermal action

Heating the skin tissue leads to improved blood circulation, and thereby an immediate increase in metabolic activities, accelerating cell regeneration.

  • Mechanical action

The frequency of the ultrasound employed stimulates the tissue into faster oscillations around its resting position. This leads to periodical compression and decompression in the tissue mass. At an optimal dosage (0.5–1 W/cm²) and at the right frequency (1 MHz), a so-called micro-massage effect begins to work on the applied tissue. This immediately promotes the detoxification process and lymph drainage within the skin layers, and accelerates the diffusion process in the tissue.

  • Combination of thermal and mechanical action

Given the combination of these two actions, the pH of the skin starts to shift towards a more alkaline level. This leads to a      stimulation of collagen and elastin, improving resilience and revitalizing the skin.

  •  Sonophoresis

This term describes the phenomenon of cosmetic ultrasound transporting micro-ingredients into the layers of the skin. Unlike iontophoresis (channeling drugs and medicines with the help of electrical currents/ionization), ultrasound does not directly push the micro-ingredients into the skin. The micro-massage merely induces a “door opening” and a cleaning of the interstitial spaces between cells in the skin, thereby improving the skin’s permeability. Drugs then penetrate through these and into the deeper skin layers as a result of the normal metabolic processes. Biomolecules and non-ionized active ingredients can only be effectively transported into the skin using cosmetic ultrasound. Laser systems and devices based on the principle of iontophoresis (galvanic systems) are not able to guarantee this extremely important function for effective, lasting skin regeneration.