What Is EarthPulse

EarthPulse primarily utilizes Earth-amplitude frequencies during nighttime that help promote depth and duration of sleep, and directly affect the efficiency of mitochondrial O2 metabolism for maximum cellular energy and reduced oxidative stress. These effects impact widest range of human and veterinary issues during sleep.

What would it be worth to you, to be able to Sleep on Command™ for the rest of your life?… restore your energy better during nighttime than you did when you were 1/2 your age? What would it be worth to you to live an extra few decades? Really,… what would that be worth to you???

EarthPulse Sleep on Command™ SLEEP-MODE programs even help you wake in the morning by stepping-up through Theta – Alpha – then Low-Beta-rhythm to ALERT-MODE prior to program end. RECOVER-MODE is the most powerful recovery and performance enhancing technique ever discovered.

Sleep on Command uses PEMF to induce sleep, provide incredible daytime performance enhancement and literally reverse the aging process.

The Sleep on Command™ pulsed electromagnetic sleep -machine utilizes a very unique MODULAR electromagnet system and 8 preset-program modes to provide you the simplest, yet most adaptable sleep, recovery and performance enhancement system in the world. The entire system weighs just 2 lbs. and travels conveniently even in your “carry-on” baggage.

Whether at work, sitting at a desk, watching TV or sleeping in your bed, EarthPulse electromagnetic sleep-machine system will improve your physical and mental performance or your money back. The EarthPulse Sleep on Command™ sleep-machine system utilizes electromagnetic field parameters that mimic mother-Nature’s frequencies in an economical, portable 100 – 240 volt system.

EarthPulse Sleep on Command™ is a great choice if you’d like significantly deeper, more recuperative sleep, more energy, better daytime focus, better flexibility, enhanced oxygenation and far more strength and stamina.

If you’re an athlete, EarthPulse provides legal, yet covert athletic performance enhancement without the health and legislative risks associated with Steroids, EPO blood doping and other banned substances. EarthPulse pulsed electromagnetic fields make steroids, EPO, HGH and Hypoxic / altitude training OBSOLETE.

Better Sleep Means Better Health, and sleeping in our sequential (stepping down, then up) pulsed electromagnetic field will “tune” your system down into deep delta stage sleep where hormone cascading and cellular repair occurs most efficiently, improving your sleep while significantly improving your vitality, daytime focus, strength and stamina. Better sleep and more vitality equals a healthier immune system and clients report significantly reduced frequency of colds and flu.

The only way to know what you’re missing is to try it. With a 90 day satisfaction guarantee you’ve got nothing to lose but your sleep deficit, stiffness, soreness; or alternatively, your shipping fees back and forth.

If you’re athletic, the pulsed electromagnetic system:

  • Raises saturated blood oxygen (SAO2) by 2-5%
  • Will enhance your strength by up to 20% and your endurance by up to 40% within a few short weeks.
  • 10% strength and 20% stamina increases are routine within 2 weeks. You will be able to hold your breath at rest for 5-10% longer after the first couple of nights
  • Your hand/eye and motor synchronization will be considerably improved.
  • If you are a serious competitor, EarthPulse™ will help you set personal records in a few short days or weeks. Unlike hyberbaric 02, hypoxic and altitude training, enhanced SAO2 effects last for several days.
  • If you are elderly or in poor health you can expect similar proportionate results. Sometimes however, results are astonishing.

If EarthPulse can improve performance to this degree in an already highly tuned athlete, imagine what it can do for you.

If you’ve reached a performance plateau, EarthPulse™ will help you shatter it.

If your health is failing or if you’re simply interested in slowing down the aging clock,

EarthPulse™ is the most effective rejuvenation and anti-aging technology ever developed.

EarthPulse™ Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy clients report substantially enhanced:

  • focus
  • recovery
  • mobility
  • flexibility
  • stamina
  • load bearing strength
  • balance, hand / eye and motor ‘synchronization’
  • spatial orientation
  • relaxation
  • greatly enhanced sleep

EarthPulse Clients have ranged from 12 year old top ranked Girls Junior Tennis players (now a 17 year old top ranked ATV racer -against men-), to men and woman well into their 90’s; from Chess champions, professional golfers and World Record holding swimmers, to UFC Champions, military Special Forces and mercenary soldiers.

Click below to order Earth Pulse, try it at no risk – 90 day money back guarantee if you choose not to keep it